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Pottery- The Perfect Gift

People have a way of remembering both particularly good and bad presents, and scarcely in between. Here are some reasons that pottery always seems to work.

The Perfect Gift For In-Laws, Co-Workers, and the Other Miscellaneous People In Your Life 

By: Lauren Cabanel

Here it is again... the bittersweet holiday season. So….the age old question remains, dare I say, pokes its nagging head into our thoughts: oh no! What do I get for him/her???? They are not your friends and loved ones. Indirectly and unabashedly, they are the peripheral set of miscellaneous people in your life, that have in most cases, been acquired without choice or thought. They have been fated into your life by a husband, a shared office, or a friend’s friend. They are your in-laws, your co-workers, and others that you just know will get you a present. No matter how these miscellaneous and peripheral people have situated themselves into your life, whether on a daily or once-a-a-year basis; they are there and expecting a present, a token, a sentiment in return for whatever they are panicking to give to you this upcoming holiday season. Whether it’s fair or not, the fact remains, that you have to get them something.

So after many years of anguish and holiday panic over just what to buy for these “other” people that sneak up upon my Christmas/holiday list, I have decided upon the perfect gift, to both lower my annual blood pressure as well as keep all mutual webbed relationships at peace. And that is: ceramics, pottery, stoneware. Now, you may be thinking that giving these same people pottery every year, that you will become THAT person, talked about at water coolers and family newsletters; however, consider this… If the miscellaneous giftee of your piece of handmade pottery, finds the low-to-moderately-priced sentiment a welcome surprise, a thoughtful household addition, then not only will you score that year’s holiday, but for years to come. People have a way of remembering both particularly good and bad presents, and scarcely in between. Here are some reasons that pottery always seems to work, if not delight these almost sort-of loved ones, no matter how hard you think they are to buy for:

Pottery is handmade and boasts a creative and artistic expression. People always think this is thoughtful even if you yourself did not create it.

Pottery comes in a variety of forms, from decorative vases, clocks, ornaments, etc to functional dinnerware and planters.

• Certain potteries specialize in stoneware cookware and dinnerware pieces that are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

• Stoneware pottery has been said to be better for you to cook/bake/store in, than plastic, metal, or glass; as it is an all-natural material: clay.

• Ceramic pottery can be personalized to add that special touch; whether you add their name, a brief ode, or a decoration that they would like. (For example, my mother-in-law likes dragonflies…)

• Pottery comes in so many pieces and forms, that if receiver either really enjoys the piece or just are very good at pretending they do; every year you can buy a new and different piece to build their collection.

• Pottery can seem very expensive, but can price reasonable. Handmade anything seems expensive, but ceramic pottery would surprise you. I’ve found a number of shops that boast beautiful handmade, hand glazed, and hand decorated pieces of pottery that should be a fortune, but to my chagrin are between $10-$60 per piece.

• Pottery pieces are one of a kind, so the chances of the person you are buying for either already having this piece or being given this piece is extremely rare…let’s face it, for most potteries, there will be able hands making the gift and not well-oiled machines bent on overproduction.