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Polish Pottery Manufacturers

Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec (The Boleslawiec Ceramic Plants Ltd) is the largest and oldest manufacturer of handmade and hand-decorated tableware pottery. Established in 1946, this manufacturer produces high quality dinnerware, serving dishes, kitchen accessories, baking dishes, and other items such as flower pots, vases, and stoneware crocks.

Ceramika Artystyczna is one of the world-renowned factories located in Boleslawiec, Poland. Established in 1950, this manufacturer is a co-op of artists. Ceramika Artystyczna produces one of the highest quality and most exquisite stoneware pottery. The decorations are highly sophisticated, floral and geometric designs feature vibrant colors and intricate details. Pottery is manually decorated with the traditional stamp method.

Ceramika Artystyczna “Wiza”, was started in 1963 by Stanislaw Wiza. Initially it was a very small company, but it has flourished due to careful attention to pottery design, both in body shapes and patterns. The manufacturing process was also improved. At present company employs about 120 people. Wiza makes durable and functional stoneware tableware, kitchen items and ornaments.

Andy Factory is a family owned and operated business located just outside of Boleslawiec, Poland. The company's artists work very hard to produce high quality ceramics. Each piece is individually handcrafted and painted. Over the years this company has created over 70 new original designs