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Polish Pottery Stoneware Use and Care

Polish Pottery Stoneware:
Polish Pottery is a hand-made ceramic pottery that is hand decorated with stamps. The original Polish Pottery has been produced in Boleslawiec since 1830. Polish pottery line is classified as high-density stoneware, a very hard product, resistant to chips and breakage. Is it safe? Yes! The dishes are completely safe for use with food - they contain no harmful substances.
Our pottery comes from Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec, famous for its stoneware tableware, hand-formed and hand-decorated using the unique punch technique. Most traditional decorations are inspired by the colors of the peacock feather. The artisans coat all the colored patterns with a transparent, protective glaze in order to prevent wear and food from sticking.

Polish Pottery Stoneware - Use and Care:
  • Is it just for show or can I really use it? Definitely use it! It is one of the best and most durable stoneware products on the market.
  • Polish stoneware may be used with confidence in your oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
  • Each piece may be used in the regular oven at temperatures of up to 350 degrees.
  • Polish pottery is also very easy to clean. The non-porous protective glaze finish provides improved grip and easy cleaning - no need to soak.
  • Stoneware pottery retains both heat and cold for long periods of time.
  • Please try to avoid dropping this stoneware. While our dishes are incredibly tough, all clay products are breakable.
  • Avoid sharp temperature swings: cold to hot or vice versa. Always allow stoneware to cool to room temperature prior to adding liquid or cleaning. Putting hot stoneware into cool water can cause it to crack or break. When taking a piece from the refrigerator or freezer, allow it to warm to room temperature before placing in the oven.
  • Do not use pottery dishes on an electric burner, under broiler or on direct heat source.
  • Stoneware can become really hot in the oven. Always use a pot holder or oven mitt when dealing with hot stoneware.
  • With a little care, your Boleslawiec stoneware dinnerware will provide years of beauty and enjoyment.