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9 Facts About Wroclaw

9 Facts About Wrocław

  • Wrocław is the 5th largest city in Poland
  • Poland is about 121,000 mi², and Wrocław is about 100 mi², making it smaller than Warsaw or Krakow, but larger than Gdansk.


  • Wrocław originated in the 10th century CE
  •  That makes Wrocław more than 1,000 years old! 


  • Some buildings in Wrocław have painted-on windows
  • These windows are like an inside joke among the city's architects. Try to find the one in the picture above! (it’s the first window fourth row from the top)



  • Gnome hunting is a popular sport among tourists
  • The city has over 100 bronze gnomes hidden in plain sight.  Many of these are a form of social commentary and are situated in strategic locations to make the most impact.

  • Tumski Bridge is a spitting image of the Pont des Arts in France
  • Though not quite as heavy, Tumski Bridge in Wrocław is it’s very own love-lock destination. 

  • Wrocław is pronounced ‘vro-tswav’
  •  ‘Ł’ is pronounced like an English ‘w’, and the ‘w’ is like an English ‘v’. Kinda cool, right?


  • The city has over 100 bridges connecting 12 islands
  • Which is pretty impressive considering that Wrocław is in the middle of Poland, no where near the ocean. They’re all river islands!


  • Wrocław has only been a part of Poland since 1945
  •  Before then, it was a part of Germany, Prussia, and even the Czech Republic. 


  • Wrocław has an underground museum that used to be an air raid bunker from World War II
  • Though the museum called ‘Movie Gate’ does have rooms that recreate scenes from World War II, the museum also features costumes and props from famous movies. The alien from ‘Alien’, Darth Vader, and Aragog from Harry Potter are some of the many costumes that are on display in the bunker.

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